August 25, 2022

Study abroad platform Leap introduces College Credit Program in association with

Bengaluru: South Asia’s largest overseas education platform Leap, which runs LeapFinance and LeapScholar, today introduced the College Credit Program for Indian students in association with US-based firm The program, which is a part of Leap Advantage, will enable aspiring high school students in India to get a head start and boost their applications to US universities.  

The College Credit Program is a new way of earning credits through courses that are immersive, cinematic, engaging, and use cutting-edge evidence-based techniques to give students an experience like never before. The courses are offered in both semester-long 14 week cohorts and accelerated 7-week  formats. Both versions will have the same course content, curriculum, assessment, and required credit hours with the only difference being the course schedule. courses feature top instructors from schools like Yale, Cornell, NYU, MIT, Duke & Davidson, supplemented with interactive learning tools to help aspiring students successfully complete college credits whilst in high school.

These courses are designed for easy transfer of credits from the University of Pittsburgh, a top 60 institution in the United States, which grants 3 credits on the student’s official transcript. After successful completion, students will receive credits that are transferable to US colleges and universities. Credits earned through courses have successfully transferred to top private and public institutions, including Harvard, Georgetown, NYU, Penn State, and UC Berkeley, among others.

With this program, aspiring high school students will be able to kick-start their higher education journey early on and stay ahead of the competition with a stronger application to top US universities, as they have successfully completed college-level courses whilst in high school. Another benefit of the program is that students will be able to get their general education requirements out of the way, to free up more room when they arrive at college for electives and major-specific courses during their time in the US.

Commenting on the launch and association with, Vaibhav Singh, Co-Founder of Leap said, “We at Leap are passionate and committed to being the one-stop platform solution for all aspiring students and their study abroad dreams. We are excited to partner with to bring this opportunity to India, provide Indian students with access to global education while in India, and thus utilize their time and efforts to their full potential. We will continue to innovate and enable global career aspirations of students in India as we democratize access to high-quality international education”

The College Credit Program in association with offers engaging, digitally-native, active learning course materials with flexible exam windows, a dedicated student success team, and cohort chat to help students. With transferable credits, top instructors, cutting-edge interactive learning, and much more, makes creating a stronger and more convincing application for higher education in the top US universities simpler and more  convenient.

“Providing international students with a high-quality U.S. educational experience is core to our mission. We’re seeing significant interest from international students, and are incredibly excited to have Leap as our first distribution partner in India” said Anjuli Gupta, Head of Partnerships at

Leap Advantage aims to provide affordable access to quality US education through pathway programs that enable employment and immigration. The Leap Advantage program gives aspiring students the opportunity to enroll in a US university and graduate with a Master’s degree at up to 50% of the cost. Students will complete the first year in India and transfer to the US university campus in the second year to complete their degree. After graduation, they will be eligible for a work visa in the US.